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The Rules

For convenience sake, the fundamental band rules have been gathered together in one place under the heading of 'The Foundation.'

Tony Maimone Albums

Two albums featuring Tony are available from Ubutique, MRT and No Grave Like The Sea by Estelle.

David Cintron Rides Again

cintroncover David Cintron was Pere Ubu guitarist for the Lady From Shanghai tour dates in the US / Canada in 2013. He served with distinction. He is looking to cover studio costs by participating in a collaborative project selling the 'Together We Are Stronger' t-shirt. His second solo album, Leroy Rides Again, is now available on Bandcamp.

The Pere Ubu Pirate Flag

pirate flagPere Ubu is a pirate ship, an entity comprised of equals dedicated to expediting the ship’s purpose. “Land ahoy! Loot, pillage!” Once the job is done, share out the spoils equally to every man, woman or boy onboard, regardless of race, age, sex or capability, and move on to the next destination. This ‘job’ was no different from the work of governments, merchant ships and privateers - in modern terms, corporations, unions and ‘rights’ organizations. “Ship ahoy! Loot, pillage!” A facade of laws and rhetoric legitimized fleets of galleons laden with the gold stripped from native peoples. Laws and rhetoric were contrived to funnel profits to fat cats. Pirate captains led by consensus and could be voted in or out. Sailors in the legitimate world, often kidnapped, received a pittance and were, effectively, slaves, harshly treated. Pirate flags, each unique, displayed coded messages - for example, 'Time is running out. We won't kill if you don't resist.''

Allen Ravenstine's Tyranny Of Fiction

electron The first two parts of Allen Raventine’s Tyranny of Fiction series have been released, Electron Music / Shore Leave. Allen played the majority of the sampled instruments as well as piano, Moog theremin, a Roland Aerophone and a bevy of synthesizers including a Korg MS20, EML 200, a Doepfer Dark Energy and the Ondes Martenot. Recorded over the internet, collaborators from around the world contributed. Available on limited edition black or orange-colored vinyl, as two cd EPs or as digital download.

Rocket From The Tombs Becomes Pere Ubu

Nick Amster and Howard Kramer, formerly of the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame, facilitated the return of the multitrack tapes of the 30 Seconds Over Tokyo sessions at Audio Recording from 1975. We are very grateful. Sadly, Nick Amster passed away recently. He was a good friend of the band and of the Beachland Ballroom. Note the track sheet. 'Rocket From The Tombs' is crossed out and 'Pere Ubu' written in.

DPK and Soup Shows Available

Go to the DPK Page for access to past episodes - free to Patreon Fannatics and available at a nominal rental for others. Here is a YouTube link to a playlist of DPK song videos from By Order Of Mayor Pawlicki

Allen's EMLs to Studio G

Allen Ravenstine's EML synthesizers, the EML 101 and the EML 200, are going to live at Tony Maimone's Studio G Brooklyn.

Slideshow of EML pics. Click on arrows.
eml eml2 eml3 eml3 eml3
We've been going over Allen's synths with a fine tooth comb. Mike Rippe replaced the capacitors in both of the power supplies and the 200 is chirping away happily.
The 101 is getting additional TLC. I cleaned and lubricated all the keys which were sticking, now most of them are restored.
The 200 is one of the few synths out there that do not have a keyboard. If you want sounds from it you have to patch the various modules together with patch cords (which you see laying on top of the 101.)
These synths have a totally unique sound. Not Moog, not Roland not Sequential Circuits. Super special.
Tony Maimone

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The Shape Of Things (1976) Manhattan (1977) In The Shadow Of The Aeronautical Shot Peening Co. (1977) The U-Men (1978) London Texas (1989) On The Road To The Lost Album (1991) Apocalypse Now (1991) By Order Of Mayor Pawlicki

The Sound Of The Sand (1981) Winter Comes Home (1983) Variations On A Theme (1983) More Places Forever (1985) Monster Walks The Winter Lake (1986) Blame The Messenger (1987) EREWHON (1996) Meadville (1996) Monster Box Set Mirror Man (1999) Bay City (2000) Surf's Up! (2001) 18 Monkeys on a Dead Man's Chest (2004) Live Free Or Die (2017)

The Inward City - 15-60-75 Farm Report/City Desk - Wheeler-Ravenstine

Special Projex

The Book Of Hieroglyphs Chinese Whispers Cogs Pere Ubu, The Scrapbook Baptized Into The Buzz

Radio Play of Bring Me The Head Of Ubu Roi Disastodrome 1998 Disastodrome 2003

Mirror Man Bring Me The Head Of Ubu Roi Long Live Père Ubu! - The Spectacle Lost in Art, the Pere Ubu Ballet

It Came From Outer Space X, The Man With X Ray Eyes Carnival Of Souls


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Pere Ubu information,current and recent, also David Thomas and Special Projex.

Pere Ubu Discography

Pere Ubu album art

The Long Goodbye

The latest album by Pere Ubu, The Long Goodbye is the end of a road. David Thomas has been talking about Pere Ubu's journey on the road that passes Satisfied City for many years but he has now declared that they have arrived at the end. Named after Raymond Chandler's novel Mr Thomas says "This wraps up every song and story that Pere Ubu has been telling in different ways for the past forty plus years. It is one definitive hour that provides the answers to the questions we've been asking and delivers it up into what I consider the definitive destination. It is not the end of THE road for Pere Ubu but the beginning of a new road."

Pere Ubu album art

By Order Of Mayor Pawlicki

"You haven't heard Pere Ubu until you've heard Pere Ubu live." The album of Pere Ubu's Coed Jail Tour on colored vinyl and cd. "It captures some genuinely thrilling performances. If you've managed to get to 2020 without hearing anything by them, you could do a lot worse than By Order of Mayor Pawlicki. Thank God for Pere Ubu. They were the first, and they'll probably be the last." - Ian Rushbury, Pop Matters

Datapanik TV has premiered

DPK TV (Datapanik TV) kicked off June 5 2020. It's a livestream hosted by David Thomas. All Ubu All The Time - Q&A sessions, unreleased material, insight, unique ideas, exclusive videos and concerts. Go to the Calendar Page for a schedule. $5 a month gets you access. You can delete membership, hassle free, anytime. Become a patron and join by clicking here.

What is Datapanik?

It's surprising to many that the Constitution does not provide for a popular vote to elect the president. The decision is left to individual State legislatures. Those legislatures have decided that a popular vote will determine how that state's electoral ballots will be allocated. It would be, however, arguably Constitutional for a legislature to ignore the popular vote in its state. What is the point? Click here to go to the article.

The Great American Novel by Pere Ubu

"Is there such a thing as "The Great American Novel"? There is an argument to be made that David Thomas, over 45 years and with assorted collaborators, has been writing that very thing and that The Long Goodbye is its final chapter." - Ed Whitelock, Pop Matters

Mission Statement For The Ubutique / Hearpen Download Page

The Loudness War is unabated. The collateral damage cannot be calculated.Sound is fundamental to the individual and social pursuit of culture. The Loudness War reduces Shakespeare to a Fantastic Four comic book, Beethoven to an iPhone ring tone. It decimates the vocabulary of sound. It wipes away its grammar with a flood of slang and impoverished lingo. I choose to not participate. Click here to go to the article.

Manhattan Death Trip

by David Thomas
Be wary of self-proclaimed authorities on cultural events who were not participants in those events, who collect gossip, rely on the memories of the disgruntled and are ever eager for a sensational interpretation of the inconsequential or mundane. Click here to go to the article.

Death Protocols

Read the David Thomas Death Protocols . David wants it on record that we never said The Long Goodbye was a farewell or last album, or that any subsequent tour is a farewell tour.

Paul Hamann (1955-2017)

Paul Hamann died September 14, 2017 in a Cleveland hospice. He was 62. Click here to go to the article.