Agents, directorate & misc.

Management of Pere Ubu & Ubu Projex

K Boon, Ubu Projex

Booking Agents

NB. These are booking agents, not managers. Contact them for concert performances. Any other issues should be addressed to Ubu Projex, the management directorate.

For North America:
Todd Cote, Leafy Green

For European Territories:
Peter Meeuwsen, PUSCHEN


For the new album release:
Matt Ingham, Cherry Red Press
Tel: 0208 996 3120

General enquiries:
K Boon, Ubu Projex

Other Net resources

  • Ubu Dance PartyA French language website devoted to Pere Ubu. Home of the most extensive and accurate discography currently available, plus all sorts of stuff that doesn't require the knowledge of French to enjoy. Run by one of our two French super-fans. More accurate and complete than in lots of ways.
  • The Avant Garage Home of the Story of Pere Ubu, the tech support page and other items. Not up to date but good reference quality. It is the original Ubu web site later superseded by and its predecessor,


  • Allen Ravenstine's web site with links for his recent albums.
  • 2pbs and Pere Ubu soundman Gagarin's web site.
  • Mark Price's Water Piece. The Tin Huey bass player's legendary monolog.
  • The idrome site: John Thompson's website. John is the Pere Ubu/David Thomas designer.

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