Rocket Redux Press Clippings

Spex, March 2004 (Germany)
"Essential classic!"

Jason Gross, Mojo, Feb 2004
"Though their membership spawned both the Dead Boys and Pere Ubu and their tunes became covers for Guns n'Roses and Living Colour, only the mid 70's cognoscenti knew of these Ohio renegades at the time, but following 2002's The Day The Earth Met The... (a composite of demos and live takes) and a recent reunion tour, the band decided to finally take RFTT inside a recording studio. Though lacking both historical significance and late guitarist/mastermind Peter Laughner, the already-strong material is actually improved by both better audio and newcomers Steve Mehlman (Pere Ubu) and nimble-fingered Television guitarist, Richard Lloyd. Vocal's by Ubu leader, David Thomas, add an element of theatrics to the proceedings with an arsenal of howls, yelps and bizarre crooning. And while 30 Seconds Over Tokyo isn't as gripping as it once was, they tear through What Love Is, Muckraker and Life Stinks like the hungry young band they once were."

Alan Downes, Logo
"The havoc unleashed here is fiery, passionate and irreverent."

Daniel Lukes, Kerrang!
"A darkness reminiscent of The Melvins."

Q - 4 Stars

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