Press Clippings for 18 Monkeys On A Dead Man's Chest

"Scary and wonderful." - Peter S. Scholtes, Minneapolis City Pages, 10/22/4

"Brilliantly deconstructive." - The Stranger Oct 14 2004

"A genius for assimilating traditional musical styles-- various types of folk, gospel, country, rock, and especially blues, without a shred of condescension or nostalgia, twisted this way and that, recombined, kicked into the future here, the antediluvian past there." - Rod Smith, Seattle Weekly Oct 13-14 2004

BBC's Album of the Week for April 5 2004: "Strange, compelling, terrifying and great."

"A wider, more disorientating terrain that exists way beyond the stifling, intimate concerns of rock 'n' roll... a feeling of faint existential terror." - The Wire, April 2004

"Nothing else to compare this to, really. It's ethereal, but not psychadelic, soft and smooth, but not soothing, experimental, but not inaccessible... Strange and terrifying, and right there on the verge of becoming something other than music." - Cahin-Whipped, Ren Scarab, 9/16/04

"Astoundingly dark and harrowing yet ultimately breathtaking... At times, '18 Monkeys...' beggars belief in its ability to meander from three chord punk'n'roll to Polanski-esque film scores and the downright disturbing" - Drowned In Sound, Dom Gourlay, March 2004

"It's good to have to wrestle with an album and win something worthwhile." - Rock City, 3/26/04

Album of the Week at Elefterotypia (Greek best selling daily), "Like Captain Beefherat before him, Thomas deconstrucks rock music and creates something new and radical...this is music for passionate music lovers and not for pop consumers."

"David Thomas réussit là une de ses plus belles annexes. C'est déjà sa troisième association aux Two Pale Boys, mais la mixture instable fonctionne aujourd'hui comme elle n'a jamais bouillonné. Cuivres, violons, voix déchirées, guitares bien sûr, tous les éléments se croisent, fusionnent, sans se télescoper. Si la trompette, l'accordéon, l'amalgame chaud-froid, l'avant garde sont des notions qui vous mettent en fuite, écoutez donc cette fusion neuve avant de prendre le large si besoin." - Les Inrockuptibles

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