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FRONT OF LLPU DESIGN "Long Live Père Ubu!"
Produced by David Thomas.

Cooking Vinyl COOKCD497
(World, except North America) 9/14/09 cd.

Hearpen Records HR149
(North America) 9/14/09 cd.

Ubutique stocks the cd for $10

Illustrated script to "Bring Me The Head Of Ubu Roi"
Audio download from
The Radio Play of "Bring Me The Head Of Ubu Roi"
Free Podcast of 1st Act of the Radio Play
Out-takes not available on the cd
Charlie Dontsurf, Les Haricots Sont Pas Sale
"The sound is a pure wonder. It envelops you. It gets into your head and won't let go. A musical earthquake."

Mick Houghton, Uncut October 2009.
"Reminiscent of Beefheart or Zappa's early sound collage, Lumpy Gravy."

Ric Rawlins, Artrocker, October 2009
"The soundtrack to The Nightmare Before Christmas with lyrics by William Burroughs... yet another case of Pere Ubu charting a map of their own unique design."

This album of songs is the centerpiece of a grand project, two years in the works, which is an adaptation of the Absurdist stage play that gave the band its name - Frenchman Alfred Jarry's "Ubu Roi" (King Ubu). The theatrical production based on these songs is called Bring Me The Head Of Ubu Roi. The concert version is called "Long Live Père Ubu!" - The Spectacle.
  1. Ubu Overture (2:42)
  2. Song Of The Grocery Police (1:46)
  3. Banquet Of The Butchers (2:55)
  4. March Of Greed (3:35)
  5. Less Said The Better (2:31)
  6. Big Sombrero (Love Theme) (3:47)
  7. Bring Me The Head (3:40)
  8. Road To Reason (3:55)
  9. Slowly I Turn (4:25)
  10. Watching The Pigeons (3:21)
  11. The Story So Far (7:57)
  12. Elsinore & Beyond (1:35)
Links and Background:
Animations by The Brothers Quay of: Song Of The Grocery Police and March Of Greed

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This album is the centerpiece of a project, two years in the works, which is an adaptation of the Absurdist stage play that gave the band its name - Alfred Jarry's "Ubu Roi" (King Ubu). The songs are the backbone of a theatrical production, "Bring Me The Head Of Ubu Roi", which premiered in 2008 over two days at London's prestigious Queen Elizabeth Hall. A Radio Play was recorded as an audio storyboard for a proposed film by The Brothers Quay, who created animations for the theatrical production.

"Ubu Roi" premiered in Paris in 1896 provoking riots in the theatre and a national scandal. It was banned after only two performances. The story was a re-telling of Shakespeare's "Macbeth" and is a vicious satire of the bloated and corrupt state of pre-World War I Europe.

"Brutal, lacking charm, and without redeeming values, this is an album for our times," Pere Ubu founder David Thomas says. "It is, in fact, the only punk record that's been made in the last 30 years."

"Long Live Père Ubu!" is not background music. It's not "fun" music. It's an intellectual and conceptual challenge and as viciously satirical as Jarry's original. "If you're not going to listen to this with the same effort you'd devote to a literary novel, you're wasting your time," Thomas says. "It's long past time for rock music to grow up and move past the simpering platitudes or Tom Joad cant that passes for serious thought. All hail the survival of the Unfit!"

Every moment of the sound has been carefully crafted as a narrative voice in its own right according to Thomas' hyper-naturalistic™ recording methods. For more than a decade, working in partnership with engineer Paul Hamann, Thomas has accumulated an array of "junk-o-phones" to replace studio microphones. These include speakers salvaged from broken devices, wooden boxes, metal horns, panes of glass, even doors, wired into specialized electronics, likewise salvaged from castaways.

David Thomas, of course, is the voice of Père Ubu. Sarah Jane Morris (Communards, Happy End) was recruited to sing the role of Mère Ubu. Pere Ubu's soundman, Gagarin, an ambient electronica recording artist in his own right, guests on the album and joins the band on stage. The rest of the band, unchanged from the last studio album, Why I Hate Women, sing other roles. They are Keith Moliné on guitar; Robert Wheeler on EML synthesizer, theremin; Michele Temple on bass; and Steve Mehlman on drums.

"Long Live Père Ubu!" and selected out-takes are available as a digital download from Pere Ubu's own online "store" -, which is operated in partnership with Smog Veil. The cd is a Hearpen Records release (HR149) in the USA. Cooking Vinyl has simultaneously released it in the Rest Of The World.

Production Notes:
Produced by David Thomas.
Engineered by Paul Hamann.
Recorded and mixed at Suma, Painesville OH, at various times between January and September 2008.
Portions recorded elsewhere by David Thomas, Dids and Michele Temple.
Music for "The Story So Far" recorded at Harvest Moon, Milan OH.
Front cover photo of Mère and Père Ubu by Angell.
Live photos by Mark Mawston.
Package design by John Thompson,

Song 1 written by Moliné. Songs 2, 3, 4, 6 and 7 written by Thomas, arrangements by Mehlman - Moliné - Temple - Thomas - Wheeler. Songs 8, 9, 10 and 11 written by Mehlman - Moliné - Temple - Thomas - Wheeler. Song 5 written by Gagarin - Mehlman. Song 12 written by Mehlman - Temple. Song 13 written by Gagarin - Moliné - Thomas.

All songs ©2009 Ubu Projex, administered by Cooking Vinyl Music in the ROW. All songs ©2009 Ubu Projex, administered by Bug Music in North America.

David Thomas - "Père Ubu," xiosynth, organ, bass
Sarah Jane Morris - "Mère Ubu"
Keith Moliné - guitar, vocals
Robert Wheeler - EML synthesizer, theremin, vocals
Gagarin - electronica
Michele Temple - bass, vocals, other instruments
Steve Mehlman - drums, vocals, belching galore, percussion

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