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FRONT OF LFS DESIGN Lady From Shanghai
Produced by David Thomas.

Fire Records
Release January 7-8 2013

FIRECD290 cd
FV290 lp, double vinyl 45RPM

Buy Chinese Whispers from Ubutique.

Buy the cd or lp from Ubutique.
  1. Thanks 2:15
  2. Free White 2:29
  3. Feuksley Ma'am, the Hearing 5:12
  4. Mandy 7:14
  5. And Then Nothing Happened 4:14
  6. Musicians Are Scum 3:33
  7. Another One (Oh Maybellene) 2:48
  8. Road Trip Of Bipasha Ahmed 4:13
  9. Lampshade Man 6:21
  10. 414 Seconds 6:49
  11. The Carpenter Sun 5:58

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Release Notes:
Lady From Shanghai is the 17th studio album by Pere Ubu, coming thirty-five years after the band's debut, The Modern Dance (1978).

Accompanying the release of the album, and sold separately, is a book of 'liner notes,' Chinese Whispers by David Thomas. A 100-page paperback, it is the 'Missing Manual' to Lady From Shanghai.

Production Notes:
Produced by David Thomas.
Engineered by Paul Hamann.
Recorded at Suma (Painesville OH) and also at Nuke India Now (Hove) and Urban Iguana (NYC) studios.
Front cover image by Alexandre Horn.
Front cover typography and design by John Thompson.
Back cover photo by Kathy Ward Thompson.
Album design by Fire Records.

David Thomas - vocals, piano, xiosynth, Korg iMS-20, Monotron, Roland 303, organ
Keith Moliné - guitar, bass
Robert Wheeler - EML synthesizer, Grendel Drone Commander, Korg iMS-20, SNM Cacophonator II
Gagarin - digital electronica, piano, organ
Michele Temple - bass, guitar, bells
Steve Mehlman - drums, vocals, organ
Darryl Boon - clarinet

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