FRONT OF 20Y DESIGN Live Free Or Die
Produced by P. O. Jⱷrgens.

Ninth World Music NWM043CD
Released September 2017
This project continues on from the partnership that produced Bay City by David Thomas and The Foreigners. David Thomas teamed with Danish drummer / percussionist P. O. Jⱷrgens.

CD Listing:
  1. Last Of The Mohicans (2:33)
  2. Stacker Three (4:04)
  3. Fish Shack (4:02)
  4. Letter Home (1:49)
  5. Thelma's In Houston (4:59)
  6. Will The Deer Blink? (3:02)
  7. The Orange Show (10:00)
  8. McKissack's Blues (5:40)
  9. Ghost Line Diaries (6:07)
  10. Bay City (3:21)
  11. Lost Highway (5:08)

Links and Background:
'The Orange Show' videoBay City by David Thomas and The Foreigners

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Release Notes:
Produced and engineered by P. O. Jⱷrgens
Recorded at Ninth World Music, Fredensborg, Denmark.

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