Pere Ubu In The Movies

URGH: A Music War (1981)

Live performance of 'Birdies' filmed in 1980 in Santa Monica CA. Compendium of punk/new wave groups. 'Birdies' appears on the soundtrack album, 'URGH: A Music War' (USA) A&M Records AMLM 66019, lp, 1981; and cd, CD 6019, 1989(?); (UK) A&M Records AMLX 64629, lp, 1981.

Désordre (1986)

Directed by Olivier Assayas. Starring Wadeck Stancjak & Ann-Gisel Glass. International Film Reviewers Award, Venice Festival (1986). Four friends in a rock band decide to rob a music shop. There is evidently a scene in a music shop with 'Non-alignment Pact' playing in the background. 'Final Solution' and 'Non-alignment Pact' appear on the soundtrack album, 'Desordre' (France) Virgin 70470, 1986, vinyl lp.

A Matter Of Degrees (1990)

Directed by W. T. Morgan. Stars Za Za Dupre, Arye Gross and Tom Sizemore. A comedy. 'Cry' is used in the soundtrack.

Kalifornia (1993)

Directed by Dominic Sena, 118 mins. Starring Brad Pitt, David Duchovny, Juliette Lewis. "Come Home" is playing on the jukebox in the biker bar scene. Not on the soundtrack album.

Sleep With Me (1994)

Directed by Rory Kelly. Starring Meg Tilly, Eric Stoltz & Craig Sheffer. 'Wasted' figures prominently in the film soundtrack.