Apocalypse Now Cover Apocalypse Now

Cooking Vinyl COOK CD185 (UK) 8/22/99 cd
S4 Records 496448 2 (Italy) cd.
Bomba BOM22108 (Japan) 10/24/99 cd.

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Melody Maker, 9/4/99
One of the most essential of Ubu's myriad releases.... The world's oddest band live in '91, where the punters, one presumes, stand slack jawed throughout.

Greil Marcus, Salon, 9/20/99
With melodies rising out of the clattering sound like the modal themes of old folk songs, the effect is stirring, Cleveland punks more than 15 years down the road with no lessening of their conviction that they have been chosen to change the world, laughing at how little they've been changed by it.

Jim DeRogatis, "Reasons for Living", LAUNCH
In 1991, the reunited Pere Ubu was at the height of its powers... On an off night while touring with the Pixies, the group pulled into the Shuba's, a homey and great-sounding Chicago rock club, and proceeded to run through a mostly acoustic set... [The] lineup is my contender for the band's best ever, and it tears through tunes ranging from "Non-Alignment Pact" and "Heaven" to "Oh Catherine" and "We Have The Technology," underscoring once more that Pere Ubu was and is a rock band for the ages.
  1. My Theory of Spontaneous Simultude (6:47)
  2. Life of Riley (3:08)
  3. Wine Dark Sparks (3:16)
  4. Heaven (3:28)
  5. Worlds In Collision (2:49)
  6. Cry Cry Cry (3:10)
  7. Non-alignment Pact (3:41)
  8. Caligari's Mirror (3:33)
  9. Invisible Man (3:38)
  10. We Have The Technology (3:10)
  11. Humor Me (4:18)
  12. Busman's Honeymoon (3:20)
  13. Oh Catherine (4:24)
  14. Misery Goats (3:49)
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Apocaypse Now captures a very rare event - a band at the peak of its powers playing the perfect place on a perfect night in front of a wildly enthusiastic audience. It doesn't happen often with bands - a night when all the pains and squabbles are forgotten, when caution is thrown to the wind, when musicians are able to revel in the simple joy of the moment... together. When it happens with one of the great rock bands of our day the results are memorable.

In the fall of 1991 Pere Ubu was touring America with The Pixies. On December 7 the band spent an off-day in Chicago playing a small club called Shuba's. For fun. With acoustic guitars and an out-of-tune honky-tonk piano. The show was recorded 2-track digital with 2 room mics and a DAT machine. John Thompson designed the artwork. David Thomas and Jim Jones mastered it at Suma with Paul Hamann engineering.

Pere Ubu (v.5.2):
David Thomas - vocals, radio, swirl horn
Jim Jones - acoustic guitar, rat pedal
Eric Drew Feldman - honky tonk upright
Tony Maimone - acoustic guitar, electric bass
Scott Krauss - drums, percussion
Todd Petersen: Pere Ubu soundman at the Shuba's show.

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  • Thirsty Ear thi57074.2 (US) 8/24/99 cd.

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