Print Quality Album Art

Pere Ubu
Cover art to COS
Carnival of Souls (2014)
1600x1600 pixels jpeg, zipped.
Lady From Shanghai
Lady From Shanghai (2013)
7807x7807 pixels, JPG file, zipped. 54.7MB
LLPU album cover
"Long Live Père Ubu!" (2009)
1600x1600 pixels. Jpeg file, zipped 1.5MB
Cover art to WIHW
Why I Hate Women (2006)
300 dpi, 1500x1500 pixels jpeg, zipped.
Modern Dance
The Modern Dance (1978)
1600x1600 pixels, TIFF file, zipped. 950MB
Architecture of Language box
Architecture Of Language (2016)
1500x1500 pixels. JPG file, zipped 1.1MB
Cover art to Drive He Said
Drive,, He Said (2017)
1500x1500 pixels jpeg, zipped.
20 Years In A Montana Missile Silo
20 Years In A Montana Missile Silo (2017)
1800x1800 pixels, JPG file.
Les Haricots box
Les Haricot Sont Pas Salés (2018)
1500x1500 pixels. JPG file, zipped 763KB

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Rocket From The Tombs
Day The Earth RFTT
The Day The Earth Met The RFTT
1500x1500 pixels, JPG file, zipped. 1.9MB
RFTT 2009 studio
Barfly (Fire Records)
1572 x 1542 pixels jpeg, zipped. 2.5MB
Barfly Smog Veil
Barfly (Smog Veil Records)
3788 x 3788 pixels jpeg, zipped. 2.2MB

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David Thomas
Winter Comes Home
Winter Comes Home
1600x1600 pixels, jpeg, zipped. 1.4MB
Winter Comes Home
Variations on a Theme
1500x1500 pixels, 300 dpi, tiff, zipped. 3.8MB
Winter Comes Home
Blame The Messenger
1181x1181 pixels, 300dpi jpeg, zipped.
More Places Forever
More Places Forever
1860x1860 pixels, jpeg, zipped. 1.6MB

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